AREA 2000m2
Jan 25, 2019 預約參觀




The design will "magnetic poles" throughout the space. Seen from the outside and inside, the two "C" -type "magnetic poles" are silent and parallel but attract each other. It seems to be an unintentional design technique, but in fact it is full of the light of inspiration and the beauty of design.

The front office is 9 meters high, and the designer accurately grasps the relationship between height and space. The metal square pipe DIY geometry cube is scattered at different levels to make a step in the middle of the space, bringing visual beauty and saving costs at the same time. The introduction of vertical greening balances the cold feeling brought by industrial wind and adds fresh and green meaning to the space.

In the office proper use of senior gray, can become a model of elegant office. Trapdoor as a partition, flexible to achieve the meeting room "one minute two", "two in one" meeting needs.


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